Iraq – Yazidi girl recognizes an ISIS member who was hiding among the Tal Afar displaced. (Exclusive scenes)

Mosul-Iraq 22/8/2017  After the television channels broadcasted Arab 24 news agency’s report on the displaced people of Tal Afar in northern Iraq, a Yazidi girl "Evana Walid" was able to identify one of ISIS members in the report, which appeared in an interview as one of the displaced fleeing the battles in Tal Afar.The Yezidi girl wrote on her Facebook profile: "This person bought me and sold me more than once!!! I can never forget his face. He was responsible for buying and selling all the Yazidi women in Tal Afar.” The person referred to by Evana Walid appeared in the report of Arab 24 news agency as a Turkmen displaced under the name of "Abu Jassem", while Evana Walid mentioned that he was also called "Abu Ali" and was responsible for selling and buying Yazidi women in Tal Afar, noting that there are "hundreds of ISIS members who fled among families" and calling for the verification of all displaced   For more details click here , to download video click  22 8 2017الداعشي المتخفي بين النازحين

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