Syria - Lions of the Caliphate.. where to?

Kobani - Allepo - ISIS Training Camps - Syria - Amman - Jordan 18/9/2017 ISIS organization was urging the creation of a generation more violent and extreme in the ranks of its fighters. The children had a large share of the brutality of this organization, which followed multiple methods in depriving the children of their most basic rights and killed the innocence within them to recruit them in what they call "Lions of the Caliphate" where they were trained on various types of weapons in the camps deployed in various areas under ISIS control. In the forefront of the organization's methods is the exploitation of young boys from poor families where they buy them with money to brainwash them and persuade them to fight alongside the organization's armed men, they also threaten their families to force them to be fighters and suicide bombers within their ranks. For more details click here , to download video click here .

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