Yemen - Aden receives the second day of Eid with a youth festival

Midrim Street - Mualla Directorate - Aden - Yemen 3/9/2017 On the second day of Eid Al-Adha, a group of Yemeni youth organized a youth festival at Midrim Street in Al-Mualla Governorate in Aden. The festival included a concert and the launching of 4000 balloons in the air, in order to convey the positive spirit and delight of the people of Aden, and to give joy to the young people and adults who suffer from difficult living and human conditions.The organizers of the event noted that the youth of Aden represent culture, art, love and peace. They also warned young people not to rush to join the war, hoping that peace and security will spread throughout their city. For more details click here , to download video click here . 

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